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Kannu Collection: Samno Kannu (elephant love) Pair

Kannu Collection: Samno Kannu (elephant love) Pair

Kannu Collection

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Hi Royal!

One of our main goals with our design and artwork is to use every scrap of material possible in order to create the least amount of waste for our Mother Earth.

These Kannu Collection elephants were in the free pile in my building and I immediately had a vision for them. I literally saved these elephants and that got me to thinking.

Elephants are the largest land dwelling animals and even the lions don’t mess with them unless they’re ill. The represent beauty wisdom, power, peace, tenacity, loyalty and strength. 

These one of a kind sculptures are made from wood and Ankara fabric scraps. They not only represent the fact that these animals are an endangered species but they also represent my mission for leaving the earth in a better place than you found it. These sculptures were created as a nod to #basquiat as a part of my Origin of Cotton 2018 series.