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Handmade Crystal Choker Necklace

Handmade Crystal Choker Necklace

La Buena Bruja

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You will feel like royalty in this healing crystal choker from La Buena Bruja inspired by the 90s.

Each necklace is handmade and adored with hand wrapped natural crystals that offer physical and metaphysical benefits.*

Because there are no two stones alike each choker is one of a kind so if you see one you like add it to your cart right now!

You deserve to be adorned in jewels and we would be happy to create a custom necklace for you with the stone of your choosing.

Shoot us an email with your request at orders@miraclesmommy.com.


*For centuries worldwide people have been using crystals to aid in their lives. Many crystals are used in modern medicine but there is no scientific evidence that proves the “claims” that many make about these elements. 

I’m obligated to say that these are sold as a novelty item.