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Kannu Collection: Wrap Crown (Ankara Head Wrap)

Kannu Collection: Wrap Crown (Ankara Head Wrap)

Kannu Collection

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Hi Royal!

Every Queen needs a crown and you’re no different. The Kannu Collection Wrap Crowns feature genuine Ankara fabrics that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else.

Each head wrap comes with a separate satin lining that helps  to protect your hair and also serves as the base of your crown.*

For custom fabric requests please use the contact form to email us.

Princess length is perfect for babies and toddlers.

Empress length is perfect for older children and those who want a medium size tall wrap.

MansaMusa length is perfect for those who want to achieve many different looks including tall wraps.

Mini is ideal for those who like to leave their hair out and is long enough to tie in a variety of styles.       

*mini wrap crowns do not come with a satin wrap.